The Crew

  • Noel Chambers

    Noel Chambers

    CEO & Chief Keg Washer

    By day, a mild mannered bond broker, Noel’s passion is what brought Hogtown from a ‘nice idea’ to a reality. Whether soccer at Rosedale Park, the hockey rinks of Toronto or the rugby pitches at Sunnybrook; Noel’s other passion is showing up much younger athletes at his sport of choice.

  • Peter Shippen

    Peter Shippen

    President & Talent Director

    “A brewery? Sure I’d love to be involved in a brewery! We’re going to brew beer, right? Okay, I need to love the beer and we need T-shirts…” And that’s how my Hogtown journey began.

  • Derek Pillon

    Derek Pillon

    Sales Architect & Rushing Defenceman

    With a career in consumer packaged goods and also extensive experience with the inside of bars, Derek wants to be a 50-goal scorer in his rookie season. City-wide domination is in his sights.

  • Ken Dubien

    Ken Dubien

    Doctor of Operations & Resident Beer Geek

    As one of the top reviewers on the beer rating websites, our resident beer expert has been pushing us down the road of extreme hops, coffee flavours, orange rinds… Alas, Kenny, we’ll get there one day… but today is the day for our easy drinking, Hogtown Ale…

  • Jay Cooke

    Jay Cooke

    Master Brewer & Liquid Engineer

    Raised to believe that the best things in life are home made, this Saskatchewan export brews with simplicity in mind. “Good beer should feature the four natural ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast in perfect harmony. “ An experienced brewer that credits backpacking to introducing him to the world of beer. Jay is a graduate of both the University of Saskatchewan and the prestigious World Brewing Academy in Chicago and Munich.